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PUBLICITY | Mr. Steven Dick, Editor-in-Chief of Tactical Knives

August 2007, Book Review :

Every once in a while I come across a book I consider, beyond a doubt, monumental. “Arms and Armor from Iran“ is one of those works. This incredible book starts from the very invention of metal weaponry during the Brone Age and works its way up to relatively recent times (Qajar Period, 1785–1925). Ancient Persia was the actual source for many of the Wootz and Damascus steel weapons modern knifesmiths find so fascinating. Both the quality of the steel and ornamentation of these weapons make them true works of art.

One of the first things you notice is how little basic edged weapons have changed for the last few thousand years. Many of the Bronze-Age daggers would look right at home on the Belt of a modern Special Forces soldier. In the section on more recent weapons, individual chapters cover the “shamsir” sword, “qama” and “qaddare” short swords (I didn’t know the difference till I read this book), “khanjar” dagger, “kard” knife, and “pishqabz” knife. Spears, maces, axes, bows and arrows, shields and body armor are also covered in detail. Over 370 pages are devoted to color plates of the weapons described. Close-ups are offered of many of the Wootz weapons to give you a real feel for the grain structure of the legendary steel used in each. This is a huge book; it must weigh close to 20 pounds! Every possible aspect of Persian weapons and their history is covered in great detail. This book will be a must read for every serious student of antique edged weapons.



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